Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA)

No Wisconsinite should be faced with losing their housing, or their heat​ ​and power, because of the loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wisconsin is a home of workers. We know what needs to get done…and we do it. Yet, we’ve been hit hard. Some, harder than others. Your local Wisconsin energy & emergency rental assistance providers are working together to keep you safely in your home.

You may not ask for it, but we want you to know…
we’re here to help.

Eligible households may receive help with rent or utility assistance on delinquent bills dating back to March of 2020.  

For those with a loss of income, additional benefits towards future rental or utility costs may also be available.

With the exception of Brown, Dane, Milwaukee, and Waukesha counties our organization, along with others are providing Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance throughout Wisconsin.

Please visit WERA.HELP for more information
and where to apply.

For Brown County residents: Newcap
For Dane County residents: Tenant Resource Center
For Milwaukee County residents: Community Advocates
For Waukesha County residents: Community Advocates


Staff are available to assist you in completing the application for income eligibility and the required WERA information for rental/utility benefits.

  1. To directly connect with a WERA eligibility specialist Call 833-900-9372 (WERA)


  2. If you have not yet qualified and received WHEAP benefits for this program year:
    A) Apply for WERA income eligibility online​ ​at HEAT.HELP
    B) You must also complete the applicant and landlord requirements for WERA assistance at WERA.HELP


  3. For more information or help with qualifying and receiving emergency rental/utility assistance call 833-900-9372 (WERA) or​ ​email us at
How do I qualify?

Your household may qualify if at least one or more individuals in your home meet the following:
• Qualifies for unemployment, or has experienced a reduction in household income or an increase in major costs/financial struggles due to COVID-19.

• Experiencing a risk of being evicted or losing your home.

• Has a household income at or below 80% of the
county median. Household income requirements


How do I apply?
  1. To determine income eligibility you must complete​ ​a WHEAP application for this program year.

  2. To apply online you must also complete the​ ​WERA pre-application at

  3. You must complete a renter verification form found online (must be completed by you and your existing landlord).

  4. You must complete an income attestation form, stating that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a financial impact on your household.

    A) After completion of your WERA pre-application online at, you will promptly receive a communication via email with detailed instructions and necessary WERA forms required to complete your application indicated above.

    B) Upon accessing the website with the code provided in the email you will be able to upload the required documentation to complete your application.

    C) Should your landlord not be a current participant in the WERA program on behalf of their tenant, we will assist you in providing the landlord with a simple landlord vendor agreement form that will require their signature. This will be necessary for providing rental payments to them.


Should you have any questions or need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 833-900-9372 (WERA) or One of our dedicated WERA services staff members will shortly respond to your inquiry.

Participation for WERA benefits will only result in a rental assistance payment when all requirements have been met and documentation has been provided. 2021 WHEAP applicants who completed their WHEAP forms prior to the announcement of the WERA program will not be required to complete a new WHEAP application.

WERA recipients may also be eligible for utility payment assistance through the WERA program.


For more information:
lease call ESI at 833-900-9372 (WERA)
or email